Established as a family business, AIE is a venture fueled by passion. With a commitment to quality, that’s driven by a skilled team and Innovative technology, We weave together tradition and modernity, creating timeless sustainable garments that Inspire.

Over 40 years
of Hands-on Experience

Anish India Exports has been a market leader in the Fashion Manufacturing business with the sheer excellence that has been developed over 40 year old experience in the industry. Our Founder Mr. M.K. Tandon built this business with a vision to be one of the prominent manufacturers which was further evolved by Mr. Anish Tandon , The CEO at AIE, driving the company’s operations, drawing from his education at Sri Ram College of Commerce and hands-on learning of Global Fashion Business under his mentor, Mr. M.K. Tandon. His vision for AIE is to commission top-tier technology and talent to deliver exceptional products. An advocate for inclusion and gender diversity, Anish is also an avid reader.

Bearing the torch forward, Mr. Lakshya Tandon is a graduate of Regent Business School and heads production and planning at AIE, bringing in the calm and focus to ensure that our innovative concepts reach consumers’ shelves. He has played a pivotal role in setting up systems and processes at AIE. Lakshya’s aim is to accelerate time to market and reduce production lead time to 50 days, all while delivering unmatched value to our customers.


Welcomed into the AIE Family, all our employees share our passion for learning and growth. Our incredible team consists of skilled technicians, talented designers, efficient managers and a well organized work structure built carefully around our resources, making our company function to its truest Potential. At AIE, we value every employee’s and every client’s efforts and inputs, and more importantly their valued time and dedication, that has made AIE the success that it is.






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