Discover our State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The backbone of our excellence. Our realm of creation has everything our people need, to execute their fine craftsmanship.

In-House Lab

Our in-house lab is equipped with high grade machineries and skilled technicians, that enable us to ensure the quality in our products, and help maintain them through regular assessments and tests that are based on International standards. Right from the initial research and development, to our production process, our lab has facilitated the maintenance of consistency of quality factors, while adhering to the current required standards to meet the demands of our diverse clientele.



At AIE, we most dedicatedly invest in the best technology to meet our needs of quality and precision. Using one of the finest sustainable technologies in the world by Kornit Digital.

We are gratified to be one of the first manufacturers to be using such advanced technologies for Fabric and Garment printing.
Our Printing technology enables Production-on-demand, saving time and resources without incurring higher costs of production.

Take a look at our powerful printing machines and dive deeper into how these work wonders for us.

Kornit Presto Max

A direct-to-fabric technology, The Kornit Presto max is one of the best in terms of quality and sustainability standards, that aligns with our values perfectly.

  • Provides a single-step process
  • Rich color transfer
  • Compatibility with multiple fabrics
  • Economical
  • Innovative applications such as XDi prints
  • GOTS and ECO Passport certified

Kornit Atlas Max Poly

A direct-to-garment Printing technology, The Kornit Atlas Max Poly is one of the most advanced technologies available in the market. With innovative printing abilities and high quality color pigments, It serves us as a valued resource. Compatible with various fabrics to print innovative patterns and textures such as XDi, Engineered prints, Neons, 3D Prints and so much more.

  • Single step printing process
  • Innovative Prints like XDi, Neons
  • Controlled Dye Migration
  • Durable prints
  • High color accuracy
  • Sustainable Technology



We have been able to achieve a highly effective communication and exchange of ideas with our clients, through some advanced softwares.

Integrating softwares like Browzwear and Clo 3D in our Design Process enabled us to take a leap further in our path towards sustainability. Creating beautiful and life-like garment samples and eradicating traditional ways where a time, labour, fabric and other resources were heavily consumed, these have helped us collaborate with our clients quickly and efficiently, while saving time and resources


In our search for the best Laundry technology, we discovered one of the best solutions available. In order to make our laundry process highly capable and sustainable, we adapted Jeanologia : A truly transformative technology hailing from Spain. They offer a highly sustainable operational model that we integrated at AIE, to achieve minimal environmental impact at every step of the way.
This Operational model is Laundry 5. zero, that aims to minimize; if not eradicate harmful discharge, wastage and pollution at different stages of the laundry process, by adapting some very efficient machines.


Jeanologia’s Laser Flexi Lab and Compact are some very powerful technologies, integrated with advanced software that help us achieve highly defined designs with precision and speed. These machines are Energy efficient and economical, making them the best choice for us. Eliminating traditional methods that created dust and dirt, and the usage of certain chemicals, This technology by Jeanologia enabled us to have a health and safety conscious process that gives us the fine quality that our customers deserve.

G2 Ozone

A revolutionary technology by Jeanologia, that provides a highly sustainable wash process, by using ozone and eliminating traditional practices and use of bleaching agents. The G2 Ozone machines are both water and energy efficient. The used ozone is converted back to O2 before it is released back into the atmosphere.


The E-flow is a highly efficient machinery that reduces water, energy and chemical consumption in our process drastically . It achieves so by converting the enzymes and agents used in the process into fumes, thus eliminating the need of water or a carrier and reducing usage of water in the process with zero discharge.


ColorBox provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge garment dyeing machinery, aiming to transform the dyeing industry, which is one of the most environmentally damaging practices in our field.

The ColorBox series consists of user-friendly, technologically advanced solutions that prioritize the well-being of both people and the planet. These machines guarantee optimal product results at minimal production costs, significantly reducing environmental impact.

H2 Zero

The H2 Zero in a unit that comprises of multi-stage filtration process to treat, reuse or eliminate water that has been used in multiple processes in the production, and preventing contamination.

A section of this helps reuse the water for weeks that has been used in the washing and finishing process. The H2 Zero technology helps us save upto 95% of water in our production process.


Through EIM, we keep a check on the footprints we create in our wet process. The adaptation on Laundry has significantly reduced and even eradicated contamination and wastage in our Laundry process, as compared to the traditional methods.

Our Pledge to be more sustainable and maintain transparency with our clients and customers, pushed us to assess and analyze our laundry process through EIM, and enable us to find scope of improvements and changes.


Embroidery at scale can only be produced with the finest technology. Our wide range of customers are assured of quality and precise embroidery using the best yarns along with Hi-tech and reliable machines that result in large scale yet timely production of beautiful embroidery adornments on various fabrics.


AIE is committed to provide our clients with the exact amount of fabric they need, to ensure a consistent flow for every drop and collection without the stress of obtaining the right fabric at fair costs. Our abundance of premium fabric sourcing from reputed suppliers across the globe, will ensure our clients don’t face any shortage . We also acquire 100% Organic and BCI Certified fabrics for our clients who share our vision towards sustainability.