Instant Karma USA has been the marketing partner with AIE for 18 years. Our relationship with AIE provides us with the ability to manage the entire process from inception to delivery through our team of industry experts. IK harvests innovative textiles, artisan traditions, dynamic finishing techniques from around the globe with a mindfulness towards sustainability.

The IK team are experts in fabric design and garment development. Our projects commence at the fabric level and we follow the development process to achieve a superior end product.

We also have expertise in wet processing, embroidery, embellishment, and printing, so we are able to provide our customers with the garment enhancement to achieve their goals.

Once we begin to work on a project, we manage all the communication with the factory and ensure that everything AIE delivers meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our long history with Instant Karma coupled with our industry expertise and sophisticated global taste level uniquely positions IK to add value to elevate fashion sourcing in India. We have offices in the US on both coasts to provide efficient services to our customers.